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Love of Family




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Hard Work in the Fields Ramsey was no stranger to hard work. He held many jobs as a young boy, and contributed his earnings to his family. He writes, "During the summer my mother would be up by 3:00 AM preparing breakfast and lunch for us, as we would depart from the house at 5:00 and arrive the cotton field by 6:00 AM. She would pick cotton with us. I can still see her face sweating and pulling the 12 foot cotton sack. When it was time to eat lunch, we would all gather under the cotton trailer as she would distribute the food she had prepared. Thereafter, we had half an hour to rest or nap because by 1:00 PM we hit the field once more until 4:30 PM. Even as I share these historical memories, I can envision her face, which is full of love, pride, strength, faith, and a "never give up" attitude like no one else in this world. By the time I was 14 years old, Bobby and I could pick 1,000 pounds a day. I would not even take the time to eat. I wanted my mother to be proud of me. That's how much love I have for my mother."
Working Late Hours While in junior  high school, Ramsey set pins at the Ayers Bowling Alley. His mother would drive him there after school and he set pins until 10:00 PM.
Refueling 18 Wheelers One morning Ramsey was awakened to be informed that he was to take a trip. He jumped into a truck with his father, unaware that he would remain alone for the summer close to Victoria, Texas and pump gas for 18 wheelers. He would rise early each morning and run 4-5 miles to arrive on time and fill the gas tanks of 18 wheeler trucks.Ramsey was fourteen.


Cunningham Junior High
Corpus Christi, TX
  Football Athlete
    Student Council Vice President
In junior high school Ramsey Muņiz felt that students lacked proper representation. He ran for Vice President of the Student Council. More importantly, he selected friends for the other offices, and worked to get them all elected.
Miller High School
Corpus Christi, TX
   Football Athlete
     Student Council Vice President
     Class Favorite
Ramsey Muņiz had an extraordinary athletic ability for playing football, as stated by his former coach Pete Ragus. During his senior year, Miller High School won the state championship. His skill and talent provided the means of attending Baylor University.
Baylor University
Waco, TX
Bachelor of Science Degree - 1967
In a period of four years, Muņiz graduated from Baylor University, fulfilling his educational goals.  
Baylor School of Law
Waco, TX
     Juris Doctor Degree - 1971


Ramsey worked as an Assistant Coach for Baylor University, a job that enabled him to continue his studies in law. He strived  for excellence to overcome the economic struggles faced by his parents, and his grades at Baylor were the highest attained to date in constitutional law.


Dunnam and Dunnam
Waco, TX
While living in Waco, Texas, Ramsey spent years with his mentor and friend, the late William V.  Dunnam, Jr. He spent many hours studying under Mr. Dunnam, and worked with him as an attorney. Ramsey has fond memories of his close friend, Bill, and remembers him as  his mentor and the best trial lawyer in Texas.
Sandoval, Muņiz, and Peņa
San Antonio, TX
After his career in Waco, Texas, Muņiz  moved to San Antonio, Texas where he continued his law practice in partnership with Sandoval and Peņa.
Huerta, Muņiz, and Peņa
Corpus Christi, TX
Ramsey worked with attorneys Albert Huerta and Albert Peņa  in Corpus Christi, Texas and provided them with assistance which would help them become successful in their practice.
Legal Assistant After his first incarceration, Ramsey Muņiz worked as a Legal Assistant, offering his services to attorneys including Montemayor, Domingo Garcia, Raul Garcia, Alfred Montelongo, Rudy Garza, Robert Guerra, and Ron Barroso.