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In the 1960s and 1970s, during America's era of civil rights, Ramsey was a Chicano leader who brought political awareness to the legislative power on behalf of the people in the entire South West of the United States.

The contributions of Ramsey Muņiz are remembered and respected by many. He gave his time and talent to assist people in need, and through the political arena brought about a profound change which would improve their quality of life.

Within the last fifteen years and into the 21st century,  Ramsey has become a student, scholar, and advocate in the awakening of the spiritual consciousness of  humanity.

Model Cities Administrative Assistant

Attorney for the People

Civil Rights Advocate

Federal Grants for Education

Pre-school Programs

Free Lunch Programs for Schools

Head Start Programs

Adult Education

Drop out Prevention

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Ramsey Muņiz made great contributions to his fellow man. He demonstrated love, compassion, and empathy for underprivileged people. He  stepped forward in defense of the poor, the hungry, laborers, and others who lacked representation. He intervened for others on the side of justice. Many people remember a man who awakened the humanitarian conscience in Texas and remain grateful for his courage to speak out  on their behalf.

During his years  in law school and  as an attorney, Ramsey Muņiz contributed his time and talents to implement programs for the community in Waco, Texas.

Through federally funded grants he gave many people an opportunity to receive educational assistance from pre-school through adult education.

Muņiz  approached school boards to demand changes that were greatly needed and those changes came to fruition.

In Waco, Texas, Ramsey Muņiz implemented Head Start, Adult Education, Pre-school and Drop out Prevention Programs, and helped establish a Community Center for the citizens.


"The way to cultivate the beauty of freedom and democracy is to demonstrate courage, strength, faith, and spirituality by overcoming fear."

Ramiro "Ramsey" Muņiz