Free Ramsey!
Freedom, Justice, and Love

Suffering is a spiritual criteria for loving, especially when the suffering is for those you love. "Ramsey, my son, one thing is certain. If we do not suffer for love, we will suffer for not loving.”     Dr. Salvador Alvarez

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How  Ramsey Muņiz was Framed in 1994

He worked as a Legal Assistant. In 1994 a  client asked him to move his car.

The car was stopped without reason and and narcotics were found. Reasons for stopping the car were proven false.

The client  (actual culprit) was allowed to go free and  kept out of trial.

Evidence that would have exonerated Muņiz was not produced in trial until it was too late.

Ramsey Muņiz was convicted and sentenced to life without parole.

He and his family have suffered unjustly and he is now 72 years of age.



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Ramsey Muņiz, a former attorney, athlete,  and  graduate of Baylor Law School,  defended  civil and human rights. At  the age of 71 he remains unlawfully and unjustly imprisoned. We want  his  freedom now!


"I will forever continue the struggle for my freedom until I die."

Ramsey Muņiz


Lord, is there any justice and love still left in my beloved land? Free this man to spend his last days with his family
and grandchildren. In a just democracy there ought not to be any political prisoners.

Dr. Andres Guerrero
Graduate, Harvard School of Divinity