El Grito del Diez y Seis de Septiembre
September 16, 2003

"The new world is our fatherland. Its history is our history. It is in it that we must become partisans in order to defend our own rights. The history of the past three centuries can be reduced to these four words: Ingratitude. Injustice. Slavery, and Desolation.
          Juan Pablo de Viscardo y Guzman. 1792

"My children, this day comes to us a new dispensation. Are you ready to receive it? Will you be free? Will you make the effort to recover from the hated Spaniards the lands stolen from your forefathers three hundred years ago?"
          Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. September 16, 1810.

"I was there when the Spanish invaders came, infested with the parasites of injustices, and destroyed our civilization, our nation, our religion, culture, and history. We resisted and fought like the mighty warriors we are today, leaving a message for the future generations – those not even born. We continued to resist throughout the last three centuries during our times in slavery. We refused the shackles and chains of servitude and the crimes preyed on the lives of our families."

Tezcatlipoca (Ramsey Muņiz)
9/16/03. Leavenworth U.S.P.

In the dawn of this glorious day of remembrance, I was aroused in the spirituality of Mexicayotl, the same spirits that enable our most recent ancestors to do battle for the possession of our original spirits of land, which is the total essence of our existence and creation on this earth. I’m the indigenous spirit of Aztlanahuac.

For three centuries our forefathers who gave their lives for us today were destined from the day of the invasion. Historically it is written that many would continue to teach and transfer the words of divine wisdom as of August 13, 1521. Today we of the Sixth Sun accept the challenge and proud struggle as mandated by our ancient and past revolutionaries. We are reentering into the same period of enlightenment, professing new principles of social and spiritual organization against the political oppression of America and its institutions, against the racial discrimination of our people, and in favor of popular sovereignty, the rights of humanity, and national independence (Aztlan).

We celebrate this day not because we are free. We are in a period of struggle to break the chains of this oppression. We celebrate the ultimate courage, valor, honor, dignity and the willingness of our ancestors to sacrifice their lives for our freedom.

"Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains."
          Jean Jacques Rosseau

Oppression throughout the world has kept the majority of our people in a mode of darkness and ignorance. It is for these reasons that we must share and embrace the history of
September 16th, 1810, and reveal the truth of that revolution with the masses of our people. The events that occurred about 200 years ago are the same existing in the 21st century in all Aztlanahuac. In 1810, movements for independence broke out with extreme velocity and amazing synchronicity, all the way from Mexico. In April of 1810, revolutionaries in Caracas deposed the Spanish captain general. In May of 1810, citizens of Buenos Aires expelled the Spanish Vicero. on September 16, 1810. Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla rose with the masses of our indigenous Mexicanos against the Spanish regime in Mexico. And on the eighteenth, the same month and year, the independence movement was launched in far away Santiago, Chile.

The same is transpiring today throughout all Latin America and the world. We are part of that history in the world, and as a people we cannot allow the same oppression, destruction, imprisonment, and genocide to occur once again in the 21st century. Cuauhtemoc, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Zapata, Villa, and many others knew they were to die for liberation, justice, and land. We must learn to celebrate what they stood for – courage, honor, and dignity!

Raza, when you join with others to celebrate this honorable historical day, do not be content in your minds as any other day of unknowing drunkenness. Do not listen to oppressive politicians praising our existence in our barrios and communities. We are not seeking their praise. We are seeking our liberation as a race, and the return of our land. Educate and share with the oppressor and our so-called raza leaders the truth and essence of "El Grito of September 16th." "El Grito" was part of our destiny since the creation of our existence. It is part of our ancient spirituality. It is written on our ancient writings that it was the was cry (revolution) of the golden eagle declaring his victory for his people and our Promised Land of the conquering Huitzilopocohtl. "El Grito" is the cry of freedom – the cry of uprising and struggling for justice and land. Therefore, it must live in our hearts everyday of our lives and must never die.

Celebrate, mi raza from Aztlanahuac, and sanction the oppressor with the fact that on this day, September 16, 2003, you will declare the rights of humanity. On this day, give notice from your heart that you will no longer tolerate the lies and political tricks of our so-called Hispanic / Raza leaders. Reach deep into your hearts and let others hear your grito of total political independence of the existing oppressive parties in America. This so-called nation of the free is practicing and committing the same oppressive actions that the Spaniards perpetrated in our Holy Land of Mexico and all Aztlan.

Even though I’m confined in the dungeon of this oppressor for the remainder of my life, my heart is full of contentment and love for liberation and justice. In the silence of this sea of insanity, I can feel the revolutionary spirits of our ancient heroes because they are present in this mode of darkness sharing the same courage, honor, dignity, and love for our struggle on this historical day. It is our Mexika duty and obligation to pass on the truth of our history and what we must continue to do in the present and future generations. "El Grito" will be a sound so profound this year that the oppressor will become aware that our time in Aztlan is here! Our celebrations will be like no other celebration before, because the evolution of our cultura is reaching the peaks of our golden eagle. The time has come for us to join our sisters and brothers from our Holy Land of Mexico and embrace each other as "one" once again. El Grito is our "smoking mirror." Our history will never be destroyed again, and for that reason we will never be defeated!

In exile,
Tezcatlipoca (Ramsey)
                     "By now I know how to live with grief, passion, rage, and death."

Diez y Seis de Septiembre
September 16, 2002

On this historic day of remembrance, Diez y Seis de Septiembre, I languish in this world of woe and tears. Heavy are my shackles and chains as I share with you the spirituality of Mexicayotl (consciousness) from the darkness of these medieval oppressive dungeons. In this mode of darkness and on this very night, I sit in silence and reverence for our indigenous brothers and sisters who struggled, fought, and died for revolution, independence, liberation, freedom, sovereignty, and nationhood.

As Mexicanos of Aztlan and the Holy Land of Mexico, we must celebrate the true importance of this day. It is a day of spirituality, a day of spirits entering the hearts of past revolutionaries who seek that which was destined and mandated at the end of the Fifth Sun.

Yes, brothers and sisters, even in 1793, Juan Antonio Montenegro and others took part in a conspiracy to overthrow the oppressive Spanish government. It is written and told that Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, early on the morning of September 16th, rang the church bells and called the indigenous Mexicanos of Dolores to proclaim the independence of our nation and motherland, Mexico. Within a period of one month, Hidalgo’s hordes has swelled to 100,000 strong – the largest army raised in Mexico since the Aztecs. We must remember the uprising came from within our indigenous brothers and sisters, thus they were armed with hoes, machetes, clubs, outrage, faith, and a spiritual sense of liberation that no one in the world has seized from us. It is called the love of liberation!

On October 12th, the battle was joined at Las Cruces, against the forces of the Spanish government. The entire world, including the United States, became aware that we, the Mexicanos, had risen from the ashes of slavery and oppression to the heavens of freedom and justice. In April, just seven months after, Hidalgo uttered "El Grito." He unleashed three centuries of bottled-up fury upon his land. He was captured in Chihuahua, and was shot and decapitated by the Spanish government.

To this day we celebrate "El Grito." We also continue with our struggle of resistance within the mandate of Cuauhtemoc on August 13, 1521. Following the footsteps and destiny of Hidalgo was Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon, capturing Oaxaca and Acapulco, before he was seized and executed in 1815. Vicente Guerrero also rose to the cry of liberation and independence. After ten years of uprising, massacres, and guerilla warfare, the Spanish government sued for peace. The Plan of Iguala came into existence. On September 27th, 1821, (precisely 300 years after Cortez had captured Cuauhtemoc and extinguished the Fifth Sun), General Agustin de Itrubide rode triumphantly into Mexico City.

Allow your soul to hear the words of remembrance in your heart, and let this vast knowledge and historical importance of September 16, 1810, ignite your Mexicayotl in the struggle of our liberation and justice. These are the past historical footprints that we of the Sixth Sun must continue to follow if we desire to be a free nation once again. The same oppressive injustices are occurring to our people in the Holy Land of Mexico and Aztlan, and will continue to enslave and imprison our raza until we rise with "el grito" in our hearts, and let the word know, "Ya basta!" No more!

Raza, remember Emiliano Zapata, our brother and soldier of Mexi (me-shee). He said, "The revolution has not yet triumphed. In your hands still is the will and the power to save it. But if unfortunately you do not, then the shades of Cuauhtemoc, Hidalgo, Guerrero, Juarez, and the heroes of all times will stir in their graves to ask, ‘What have you done with the blood of your people? ‘ " Isn’t it amazing that Zapata, at the height of his revolutionary times, quotes from Cuauhtemoc, Hidalgo, Guerrero, and Juarez? Now we gaze into the mirror of our ancient past, seeking guidance, directions, enlightenment, spirituality, and the Rising of the Sixth Sun.

This is our history – a day of remembrance, that has been kept away from us for centuries by different oppressors. In reality, as a people we have the most profound history in this universe. Our history is very cosmic and natural, thus creating strong willed hearts and minds that rise with the power of resistance.

When you celebrate this day of "el grito," remember the sacrifice and lives of our ancient ancestors and heroes. Know that others will rise in the 21st Century, seeking liberation, justice, and return of Aztlan. It’s like nature. The land must be returned to those who were rightful owners from its time of creation. Our ancestors waited 300 years after the conquest by the Spanish to rise once again and reclaim what was rightfully ours from the beginning. Now here we are once again, rising with a power of resistance, and a power of liberation, seeking what is rightfully ours - - Aztlan!

Please mark the following words in your heart – history shall be repeated and we will never be defeated again! Celebrate with cries of joy, happiness, respect, and love for each other. Celebrate our history of sacrifice, sorrow, sadness, death and darkness experienced for reasons of liberation and justice for our people.

We of the Sixth Sun must continue to re-create history, for the sake of our past and the present. Those in the future will gaze into our times, and study whether we carried out the mandates of Cuauhtemoc and other past heroes. We will be held accountable in the future. There is no escape from the history of our people. Somos una raza unida! The masses of our people have arrived in Aztlan. The time has come, and we of the Sixth Sun can hear "el grito" even in the cold, dark dungeons of the oppressor.

"I am alive when all others feel dead,

but I am death

for all who fear life.

I am the spiritual Mexika warrior of the

Sixth Sun, awakened from the slumber

of 500 years of enslavement.

I am all that I will, I am all that was,

I am all that will be.

I am the Mexika of the Sixth Sun."

No cen yollocopa (de todo mi corazon),
Ramsey Muņiz – Tezcatlipoca